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Mishloach Manos

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  1. Custom Purim Masks For Mishloach Manos - Set of 6

    Custom Purim Masks For Mishloach Manos - Set of 6

    Custom Purim Masks For Mishloach Manos - Set of 6 Learn More

  2. Washed


    Acrylic Washing Cup
    Netilas Yadayim Napkins - Pack of 25 - Napkins are linen-like - Disposable
    Learn More

  3. Wine and Board

    Wine and Board

    12x12 customized wooden board topped with two acrylic champagne glasses, two cans of Rose and PC pops. Learn More

  4. Drink And Play

    Drink And Play


    Leatherette Poker set with distilled vodka hand premium beef jerky. Learn More

  5. Champagne Flute Valet

    Champagne Flute Valet


    Bottle of Belle Rouge Champagne with balancing flutes Accompanied with Chocolate Bark. Learn More

  6. Leather Wine Box

    Leather Wine Box

    Leather wine box with wine opening accessories
    Prepared with Alfasi wine bottle and Purim Orios
    Learn More

  7. Double Wine Box

    Double Wine Box

    Black wooden double wine box prepared with Hezog Lake County, two glass shot glasses cookies. Learn More

  8. Magazine Rack Mishloach Manos

    Magazine Rack Mishloach Manos

    Acrylic magazine rack accompanied by The Glenrothes and two 4oz packs of jerkey. Learn More

  9. Vodka In A Box

    Vodka In A Box


    Wooden chest accompanied with distilled vodka 4 shot glasses and artisanal Peanuts. Learn More

    Out of stock

  10. Shabbos In A Box

    Shabbos In A Box

    Magnetic Box
    Suede Challah Cover
    2 Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods
    Herzog’s Lake County Edition
    Learn More

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